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Farm Tractor Tires   

Farm Tractor Tires from Ken Jones Tires, Your Farm Tire Specialists.

Farm Tractor Tires are our specialty!   Ken Jones Tires offers 75 years of experience in the Farm and Agricultural Tire Industry. Choosing the right Farm tractor tire depends on many different factors. Besides the size of the tractor tire, soil compaction, fuel economy, traction requirements, and weight of the equipment all need to be considered before you purchase. Farm tractor tires also come in both bias ply and radial. Bias ply farm tractor tires tend to be less expensive than radial farm tractor tires, but radial farm tractor tires offer a much smoother ride, longer tread life, and less soil compaction. We carry a  full selection of Titan, Goodyear, Carlisle, BKT, Alliance,  OTR, and Starmaxx Tires. 

Ken Jones Tires also offers a huge selection of hay wagon tires, manure spreader tires and other implement farm tires.

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Many farm tractor tires also require a tire tube. This is usually designated by a TT next to the tire size. For our full line of tire tubes, click here.


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What factors should be considered when choosing a tractor tire?

Along with tractor type, there are other considerations when choosing the right tractor tire.

  • Expected time of ownership      
  • hours of use per year
  • type of use
  • tractor age
  • tractor type
  • soil types
  • tillage practices
  • distance and frequency of road use
  • pavement vs. gravel surface use
  • economics

Choosing the Right Farm Tire

Choosing Bias or Radial

 Front Tractor

Front Tractor Tires

3 Rib Front Tractor F-2 and 4 Rib Front Tractor F-2M

Agricultural Tires require durability, quality and versatility for your hard working machines. We carry the best selection of tube type and tube less front tractor tires. 

 Front 4WD & Rear

Front 4 Wheel Drive Agricultural and Rear Tractor R-1 Tires

Front 4 Wheel Drive Agricultural and

Rear Tractor R-1 Tires

R-1 Agricultural tires are general all purpose rear tractor tires. They can be used in a variety of conditions and applications due to the multi-angle long bar design.


2WD, MFWD and 4WD tractors have significant differences in the ways they are used and how hard they are worked. Work application (such as row crop vs. open field), soil type and amount of usage that will determine tractor tire needs.

Rib Implement

Rib implement I-1, Traction Implement I-3, Flotation Rib & Lug Tires

Rib Implement I-1, Traction Implement I-3,

Flotation Rib and Lug Tires

Today's implement tires aren't just bigger, wider, and heavier, they often have to cover more distance on the road at higher speeds. 


Generally, implement tires are specified by the equipment manufacturer to carry the load of the implement, but often times the owner may have added an aftermarket tank, sideboards or extra attachments that add weight to the implement.. So make sure you weigh the implement BEFORE choosing the right implement tire. You need to make sure the tire is rated for the load you are putting on it.

Large Turf

Large Turf & Diamond Tread R-3 Tractor Tires for Flotation & Minimal Turf Disturbance

Large Turf & Diamond Tread R-3 Tractor Tires for Flotation & Minimal Turf Disturbance

Large Turf or R-3 Diamond Tread Tires and flotation tractor tires are designed for tractors that are used in sandy areas, airports, golf courses, cemeteries and highway maintenance.


These tires require maximum flotation and minimum turf disturbance for turf and other sensitive areas  Non-aggressive multi-block tread provides excellent forward, reverse and lateral traction