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3 Rib F-2 and 4 Rib F-2M Front Tractor Tires for 2WD

Front tractor tires are generally divided into two main tread styles: F-2 or F-2M. In general, you are going to replace a tire with a similar tread design to what is currently on your equipment. If you have been unhappy with the performance of your current tire, just give us a call and we will be happy to help you find the right product for your application and environment. Basically, you start with finding your tire size on the sidewall of your tire, and then you can see which brands that size is available in. At Ken Jones, we carry the full line of the best tractor tires on the market. We carry the full line of brands such as BKT, Carlisle, and Titan.

Front Tractor Tires are only used on 2WD Tractors

If your machine is 4WD, click here to view 4WD tractor tires, which use R-1 tires on both the front and rear axels.

F-2 or 3 Rib

F-2 feature 3 straight ribs in their tread pattern and are designed for steering.

F-2M or 4 Rib

F-2M tread patterns feature 4 straight ribs.

I-1 used for 2WD Tractors

You will also see Rib Implement or I-1 tires used on the front of 2WD tractors when soil compaction is a concern. They feature a wider footprint and better flotation.


Popular Products

BKT F-2 (TF 9090)
BKT Pro Rib F-2M
Carlisle F-2
Titan Tru Trac F-2

F-2 Tractor Tires F-2M Tractor Tires I-1 Implement Tires for Front Tractor

F-2 3 Rib

F-2M 4 Rib

I-1 Implement

Important Factors Before You Buy

There are a few factors you should know when choosing the right tires. Agricultural Tires require durability, quality and versatility for your hard working machines. Size, Weight carrying capacity, bias vs. ply, brand, and soil conditions should all be considered before you make a purchase.These steering tires are for 2WD tractors. If your machine is 4WD, click here to view 4WD tractor tires, which use R-1 tires on both the front and rear.

What other factors should be considered when choosing?

Along with equipment type, you should consider the expected time of ownership, hours of use per year, the type of use,how old the tractor is , the soil type(s) , tillage , distance and frequency of road use, whether the equipment will be used on pavement vs. gravel and cost are all factors to consider.

We carry the best selection of tube type* and tubeless type front tractor tires.

tubeless tractor tire* Tube Type tires are designated by the letters TT and require the use of a tire tube.

For more information about tire tubes, click here.

Tire Tubes

Front Tractor
Rear Tractor
Lawn Tractor

If your tractor is 4WD, click here to choose R-1 tractor tires.

We carry a full selection of the best farm tire brands: TitanGoodyearCarlisleBKTAlliance, OTR, and Starmaxx.

We make it EASY to buy HARD TO FIND farm tires!

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What you should know before you purchase

tractor tire size

Tire Size

Tire size is located on the sidewall of the tire and are often two sets of numbers, the tire width (sidewall to sidewall) and the rim size.


 ply rating tractor tires

Carrying Capacity or Ply of the Tire

Weight requirements for tractor tires: How large is the tractor together with the work load affect the weight requirements of the tires or tire ply rating. Many farm tractor tires are made in 6 ply and up to 12 ply ratings…the larger the ply rating, the more weight carrying capacity of the tire. A tire’s ply rating can be found on the sidewall of the tire.

Bias vs. Radial Type Tires

If the tire is bias, then there will be an “x” before the 24

If the tire is radial, there will be an “R” before the 24

Farm tires are made in two differing kinds…Bias and radial. Bias tires are the less costly option in comparison to a radial tire. These tires have a more durable side wall and are less vulnerable to bruising from stumps and rocks.Radial tires are the costlier option, but with the higher price comes a smoother ride, extended tread life, and less soil compaction

Should the type of tractor be considered in tire choice?

2WD, MFWD and 4WD tractors have many differences in the ways they are used, how hard they are worked, and where and when they are used (such as row crop vs. open field applications) that determine your tire choice.

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