Radial vs. Bias


Tips for Choosing Radial VS. Bias

When choosing the right tire for your tractor, you have to look at your decision as an investment not a purchase.

Deciding on bias vs radial tires is a big decision and requires some thought. Since you will be using your equipment for multiple tasks around your property, work conditions and load capacity become important factors to consider when deciding on which tire best fits your needs.

If you want to learn more about the difference between bias and radial ply construction, check out our radial vs. bias guide on our main website.

Consider load carrying capacity first

Some tractor attachments add thousands of additional pound to the load, so most importantly, you must have tires that can carry the load.For more information on this and for other frequently asked questions, visit our FAQ Page.

Current Tire Performance

Did your current tires on your tractor perform well in terms of traction, wear, ride and overall value?
Many times bias tires perform to your expectations and are priced less than radials.

Radial tractor tires, on the other hand, can help improve traction, ride comfort soil compaction and tread life.
You can also run them at lower air pressure and can get about 10 — 15% improved traction over bias tires, saving you fuel and improving efficiency.

Price wise, radials cost quite a bit more than bias so you have to weigh the increased price, performance and efficiency of radial tires.

Every tractor owner has their own opinions as to which tractor tire is better, and it is usually based on their past tire experience. Some like bias and some prefer radials.

It’s always best to consult a tractor tire expert!


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